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  • Vegan Goan with Leftover Roast Veg

    Yet another way to save on food waste… The Tastesmiths team are known for their veg consumption, we love it, so much so that we always prepare too much!

    For this example, we used our Goan Fish/Prawn Curry Kit but tagged in a whole load of tasty veggies we had left from a Sunday dinner.

    Even if you’re not over-cookers like us, this is a great curry to roast some veg specifically for…

    We took inspiration for our veggie tray from Wicked Kitchen’s Vegetable Centerpiece on youtube, then took it a step further by doing what we do best and upcycling it into a curry, those roasted onions were a revelation!!

    This cracking curry is super easy. Follow your Goan Kit’s instructions as normal, then after you’ve added your tomatoes, slide that veg into the mix.

    For best results simmer your curry on a low heat for an hour, or prepare the day before and rest overnight to allow the curry’s flavours to really get into those veggies.

    Potatoes, carrots, parsnips and broccoli all work well, add peas cauliflower or whatever you have laying around the pantry to fill the dish out.

    We have a full ‘walk through’ of this dish over on TikTok, click the image below if you’d like to give it a watch, if you give it a go make sure and tag us “@Tastesmiths” on social media, we love seeing your creations, almost as much as we love eating ours and each month we pick a ‘Home Cook Hero’ from the tagged submissions who’ll win a substantial prize bundle!

    Leftover Veg Goan Curry