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Free Shipping for orders over £19 (UK only)

About Us

We are passionate about authentic taste without compromising on quality.

We do the shopping for you, hand selecting all those hard to find, high quality fresh ingredients. We then add the spices that we blend and grind ourselves from whole (we love the smells on spice grinding day!). Using our fresh ingredients will make a world of difference to the taste of your food, raising your cooking to a whole new level.

There’s nothing artificial in any of the kits. What’s more, because we hate waste, using our kits means you only buy what you need to make a particular dish.


our journey

Scratch cooking at home used to involve a readymade jar (or pouch) of sauce that we would enthusiastically use to whip up a meal. Yet we were left dissatisfied with the lack of true flavour we’d experience when eating out at a good restaurant, not to mention that on closer inspection we were shocked by the level of preservatives and additives!

That’s when we started exploring a solution that makes cooking from scratch easy and convenient.

We’ve cooked from scratch since we can remember and have always encouraged others to do the same. Cooking is what brings people together. Whether they be families or flatmates – chopping mushrooms with a table knife, tearing up peppers, rubbing marinades onto pieces of meat, helping to make fresh pasta and pesto. All things that both novices and professionals alike do when putting food on the table.

The kits store well too, making them a great way to liven up left-overs – giving a new lease of life to the remains of your Sunday roast or the unlikely collection of vegetables lurking at the bottom of your fridge.

We think that food prepared and cooked at home is unbeatable. We’re on a mission to encourage more people to do more of it, by making it all just a bit more convenient (and tasty, of course)!