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  • Guinness Curry… It Works (Really!)


    We stumbled across this when thinking of something for St. Patricks Day.

    Apparently quite common, we’d never heard of it so decided to give it a go!

    Starting off with our Tikka Masala Meal Kit (Madras or Rogan Josh will work well too), following the instructions as normal. We chose to do ours in the slow cooker, with chunky beef and potatoes (‘extra Irish’).

    If you’ve not done one of our kits in the slow cooker before, it’s really easy… Prepare your curry. Pour it in. Add 250(ish)ml of water, and leave. 8 hours is perfect, but anything over four on the low heat of the slow cooker really gets those flavours into your choice of protein.

    If you’re using a slow cooker, substitute your water with… You guessed it… Guinness.

    If you’re using the traditional ‘pan method’ simply pour your Guinness in at the end, turn the heat to low, put the lid on and simmer gently for up to an hour.

    With either option, check in on your meal midway to ensure nothing is drying out!