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A little taster of what's cooking...


  • Curry Pie!


    This is a good one. Not to blow our own trumpet, but it is really, really good.

    Pick your meal kit, we went with the Balti Masala.

    Follow the step by step instructions, included with your meal kit.

    Simmer – We cook this down a little longer, around 30 mins on low heat, at the end in order to thicken the sauce up. We don’t want a soggy pie base!

    Enjoyed cooking your meal kit? Here’s some extra fun… The pastry.

    We cheated (a little) and bought a pack of premade pastry from the supermarket.

    Butter your pie dishes to help stop the pastry sticking, we found 4.5″ dishes made a good-sized pie for one adult. Line the dish with the pastry and trim around the top. To make the lid use either a single cut circle or make yourself a series of lengths and create a lattice, tricky to get it pretty, but rewarding. If you go with the simple option – poke a hole in the middle for the steam to escape.

    Bake your pie at 200 degrees for half an hour, or until a dark golden brown.

    Accompany with mash, rice or some steamed veggies.