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  • Seasonal Goodness: Pumpkin Curry!

    Sri Lankan Chicken Pumpkin Squash 001


    PUMPKIN CURRY – At this time of year, pumpkins are everywhere. Each shop you visit will have a selection of sizes, and they’ll get further and further reduced in price as Halloween drifts into the past.

    How many of this tasty seasonal squash actually get eaten? We’re guessing not many, and we hate food waste! So we tasked the team to find their favourite uses for pumpkin which complements our kits – here’s the shortlist…

    Sri Lankan Pumpkin & Butternut Squash Curry

    The simplest method we found for pumpkin prep was suggested by ‘Minimalist Baker‘:

    – Halve them
    – Scoop out the seeds and ‘stuff’
    – Pop them on a tray flat side down
    – Brush with oil
    – Roast at 180 for around 50 mins

    While your squashes are baking, get that Sri Lankan kit open and follow the instructions. Once the oven timer is up –  peel, dice, and chuck them veggies into the awaiting curry mix, leaving overnight to soak up the goodness.

    You can find our ever-popular Sri Lankan kit in the store, here.

    Our pick of sides…

    Spiced Pumpkin Sabzi with Coconut

    A simple, easy and minimally spiced dish wish also happens to be vegan! The full recipe by ‘Vegan Recipes of India’ can be found here.

    Pumpkin and Coconut Pilau

    A flexible option from Delicious Mag to prepare with our Fragrant Pilau as a base. Serve as a meal in itself or as a chunky side… Find the full recipe here.

    Pumpkin Kheer

    A celebratory sweet dish widely served during Indian festivities – great as an afters, should you have space! The full instructions for this tasty dish by ‘Indian Healthy Recipes’ are here.