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Free Shipping for orders over £20 (UK only)

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  • Grey Peas & Bacon – Bostin’ fittle

    As a business based in The Black Country, Tastesmiths have been asked to take part in #MadeInTheBlackCountry on Twitter, celebrating everything made in this brilliant part of the world. Stef and I are Walsall born and bred which is a step away from the Balti triangle, so it only seemed right that the dish we wanted to introduce everyone to was our Balti Masala.

    Way before the Balti came to the Black Country, food was a much simpler affair. It had to feed hungry tummies and be really cheap to make. Grey Peas & Bacon was something that ticked both of those boxes and it was made to taste good by adding either saved bacon fat or any bits of bacon that were going spare.

    For one day only, tomorrow (Tuesday 14th July 2015), with any 4 kits ordered from our website (why not include a Balti kit?), we’ll send you a FREE Grey Peas & Bacon kit so that you can try them out yourselves! Just make sure that you put #MadeInTheBlackCountry in the notes section at the checkout to qualify.

    The instructions in our kit gives you the opportunity to make them in the traditional Black Country way, or by adding a couple of other ingredients, you can make it into a different but equally delicious dish!

    The Grey Peas & Bacon kit doesn’t include any fresh ingredients, so it will happily sit in your cupboard until you want to use it. The other kits with fresh ingredients included will happily sit in your freezer until you want to use them.


    Sally & Stef