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  • Favourite Festive Feeds

    We’ve pulled together a collection of festive sides to compliment our curry kits this Christmas, whether you’re putting on a spread of Goan delights for a family visit, or filling out the table for that boxing day left-over Tikka Masala!

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    Idli, Chutney & Sambar

    “This typically coastal Indian speciality is a unique dish that requires some specific ingredients. Steamed spongy rice cakes, sanna are made with fresh coconut and Goan toddy, the sap collected from the bud of palm tree flowers. The batter needs to ferment for several hours and then is steamed in individual moulds. Sanna are eaten on their own, as well as with curries and stir-fries.”

    Malai Kofta

    Indian Veggie Balls (Malai Kofta)

    “Although this malai kofta recipe does take some time to prepare, it is the ideal dish if you have vegetarians at your Christmas dinner table—but is also so delicious, even the meat-eaters will be asking for more. Cooked potatoes are mashed along with a mixture of vegetables, paneer (cheese), heavy cream, and traditional spices to form a dough. The dough is formed into balls, stuffed with nuts and raisins, and deep-fried before simmering in a rich gravy.”

    Palak Paneer

    Palak paneer

    “This dish is ideal for those who have a sensitive palate or who prefer a more mild-tasting dish; it is also a nice accompaniment to spicy and rich recipes as it will not compete. Palak paneer is a type of cheese, somewhat similar in texture to tofu. It is a perfect match for healthy spinach, fenugreek leaves, and tomatoes that are mashed until soft and seasoned with typical Indian spices.”

    Quick Peshwari Roti

    Meera Sodha's Quick & Easy Peshwhari Roti Recipe

    “Meera Sodha’s easy Peshwari Roti make a delicious accompaniment to any Indian meal. This easy to follow recipe produces sweet and savoury stuffed bread, that can be made very quickly. A must for curry lovers.”

    Masala Egg Fry

    Masala egg fry 2

    “My take on an egg fry is a quick and simple fix when you have sudden unexpected guests at home. All you need to do is to halve hard-boiled eggs, lightly coat them with marinade and shallow fry. It can be served as a starter or as a side dish for rice. This egg fry is super spicy with flavours of red chilli powder, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.”

    Ladi Pav Buns

    untitled 2 copy

    “Make eggless, light, fluffy & Soft Pav Bread at home with all tips & tricks. Nothing can beat freshly made homemade Ladi Pav & once you start making your own pavs, you will stop buying buns from the market.”