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  • Dhal Stuffed Marrows – Fill Them Up, To Fill You Up!

    Tastesmiths Goan Stuffed Marrows 001


    Who knew marrows were so tasty? We did not, now we’re bingeing on these giant squashes at every opportunity, this simple recipe gives our Dhal Kit a new platform, in both presentation and flavour profile!

    Better yet, it’s super simple, terrifically tasty, and fabulously filling.

    1. Slice your marrow into sections, they’re softer than they look so watch those fingers!
    2. Scoop out the sections’ seeds and the hollow-ish bit near the centre, you’ll end up with a ring of ‘marrow flesh’ around 2-3cm thick (see image below).
    3. A few options here to prepare the marrow: steamer for 10mins or so, bake for 15-20mins or, as we prefer, boil water in a large pan, about 1-2cm deep, sit the marrow sections in it, and pop the lid on – for about ten mins.
    4. Scoop the sections out and allow them to sit.
    5. Prepare your Dhal kit as normal, you’re aiming for a slightly thicker than usual mix so simmer for more time at the end until the desired consistency is achieved.
    6. In this ‘main course’ example we added chickpeas, some brown rice, and a few sliced tomatoes at the final stage to bulk it out, if you’re serving these as a side, the Dhal as standard will be sufficient.
    7. Place the sections onto an oven try/dish and spoon your Dhal into your marrow, stack it good!
    8. Bake them in the oven at 200℃ for 10 mins to allow the flavours to become friends.


    Let us know if you give this a try, we’d love to see your version!

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