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  • Add a (health) kick to your curry

    With the start of a new year, we all tend to be a bit more mindful of our bodies and often set goals to eat healthier or go to the gym. Whether we actually follow through with these goals throughout the year is another story, but while we’re in the healthy spirit we thought we’d let you know about some benefits of the spices used in our kits.


    Cassia Bark

    This lesser-known spice is found in our Persian Khoresh and Makhani kits. You may be surprised to find out that Cassia is actually a type of cinnamon and is often called the ‘Chinese cinnamon’ because of its origin in Southern China.

    Both cinnamon and cassia are harvested and used in similar ways but the main difference is the slightly thicker texture and stronger flavour Cassia has in comparison.

    Did you know that cassia can…

    • Improve insulin sensitivity
    • Help to fight bacteria and fungi because of a chemical found in it called cinnamaldehyde
    • Help treat cold-like symptoms, including congestion and that annoying runny nose we know all too well
    • Be beneficial in fighting nausea and depression
    • Strengthen gums and hair roots as well as improve overall blood circulation




    This more familiar herb is typically found in the Mediterranean and is typically used in its leaf or oil form. It can be found in our newest kit, the Berbere Curry in its lead form.

    Did you know rosemary can…

    • Enhance concentration and memory
    • Help with indigestion
    • Improve blood circulation and boost the immune system because of its anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants
    • Reduce hair loss




    Last but not least, turmeric. Commonly found in India, this ingredient is a staple in many of our kits. This wonder-spice has built up quite a reputation and is well known for its health benefits.

    Did you know turmeric can…

    • Help to alleviate arthritis symptoms because of its anti-inflammatory agents
    • Help to improve liver function due to its antioxidant agents
    • Aid with digestion and upset stomachs
    • Help with blood thinning
    • Stimulate contractions


    Whether you’re on a health kick this new year or just want to nourish your body after eating too many Christmas treats, Tastesmiths kits are packed full of nutritious spices and herbs to help nurture your body. Enjoy delicious, home-cooked food without feeling guilty and reap the benefits of these amazing spices and herbs!