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A little taster of what's cooking...


  • ‘Korma-Chameleon’… No Boy George, Just Real Curry

    Originally Korma was reserved for Moghul Emperors as it contained expensive ingredients like almonds and coconut.

    It can be hot & spicy or sweet & mild, we’ll show you both!


    Beef Korma

    Korma needn’t be tied to chicken, this one’s super simple… Gently fry your diced beef off and add at ’Step 10’, beef benefits from some extra simmer-time, or if you’re able (a.k.a. patient enough) let it sit overnight to really get the flavour into the meat!

    This is a brilliant option for the slow cooker too, further details on slow-cooking our kits can be found on our site, here.


    Veggie Korma

    Possibly our favourite combo, the sweet Korma flavours really compliment vegetables, for this one we went with sweet potatoes and courgettes.

    Boil the sweet spuds then lightly fry the chunks with courgette, add the potato at ‘Step 10’ then the courgettes when you add the cream, easy!


    Vegan Korma

    Vegan Korma

    For this vegan option, we chose Tofoo Co’s organic tofu, added asparagus and parsnips.

    Parboil the veggies and tofu then fry lightly before adding to your base mixture (‘Step 10’ on the recipe).

    Almond cooking cream is a perfect substitute for double dairy cream if you wish at ‘Step 12’!


    Gluten-Free Korma

    We sent our Korma kit to Sam of @Glutenfreegan_ (Instagram) to get some feedback and tips on producing a gluten-free curry…

    “For the first time since my Coeliac diagnosis nearly 3 years ago I have tonight enjoyed a thoroughly authentic ‘takeaway’ feel meal and I am so, so grateful I have found your kits.”

    As our kits are gluten-free as standard, the process was easy for Sam… “The things I added were naturally gluten-free if people are adding yoghurt or pasta make sure to check their ingredients to ensure they’re safe”.

    “I’m still singing and dancing about this guys, absolutely incredible!”